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By making any booking (in person, online or facebook)  you agree to our terms and waiver as shown on the link below 

Please make sure to bring a copy of your booking (screenshot on phone or printed is OK), this will also show proof that you have paid (or need to pay)


Email confirmation will show 1x session booked @ Total Cost £ , the number of skaters will be shown in the description on the left.


Our quiet sessions and private bookings require payment in advance and if you have selected pay at venue, you will be contact to make payment via our paypal link ( or via bank transfer (email will have details of this).



Currently we are open every Sunday 12-2PM – book below! Pay for skaters only @ £4.50 in August – increasing to £5 in September
Reserve online – Pay on arrival (Cash, card, apple pay etc all accepted, contactless payment preferred)

SUNDAY QUIET HOUR – 10AM-11AM & 11AM – 12NOON – £4.00

If you have never been skating before, this is the perfect session! We have had a few people ask for private lessons, but after coming to a quiet hour and building up their confidence they are happy enough to join in on the busier public sessions!

The quiet hour sessions will be limited to 15* people max on the rink, £4 per person on the Rink (whether you are skating or not, this is to limit the number of people on the rink, but allow parents/guardians to come on in their trainers if they would like to).

Skating time will be around 45-50 mins of skating, allowing time to get your skates on/off at the start and end.

For 10AM start, feel free to get here 5-10 mins early and we can let you in to get ready. If the doors open, then we are!

For 11AM start, we need to get skaters off the rink and their skates back, please feel free to get here early but you may be asked to wait outside, if the time rolls on a little over 11AM  before you come in, don’t worry we will let the session run a little longer. 

This sessions is aimed solely at those children and adults who would prefer a little more space to themselves, and not have lots of skaters whizzing round them while they are trying to learn and build their own confidence. There will be at least 1 volunteer to hand, to help you where needed.

This is STRICTLY a reserve online – pay in advance session, no cancellations.

For more information please feel free to message us on facebook

If you then want to stay on for the public skate which gets a little busier you can decide on the day subject to availability.


We are looking to see how much interest there would be in private 1:1 lessons, if interested, please message us on FaceBook!

Party Hire / Private Hire

Please contact for more information and availability – as we are volunteer run we need to match your date/time requirement with a volunteers availability, so when you book online it is subject to approval. Feel free to message on FaceBook instead to discuss.

Age restrictions

  • Children under the age of 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Children under the age of 10 years old must be accompanied by a responsible person over 14 years of age at all times.
  • Children over the age of 10 years old may be left with the parent’s permission, but an emergency contact number must be left either with the child or a member of staff.
  • If you have left children for a session you MUST be here 5 mins before session ends and come into the building to collect your children.